Past BRITE Grant Recipients

2017-2018 BRITE Lab Grant Program
Winter deadline extended to Friday, January 26th, 2018

2016-2017 Funded Projects

Spring 2017

"Democratic Deliberation and Imaginative Resistance"
PIs: Jon Pevehouse, Katie Robiadek*, Zach Barnett-Howell*, Political Science; Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $2,500

"Zero Conjectural Variance in Spatial Competition"
PIs: Dan Quint, Shane Auerbach*, Rebekah Dix*, Economics
Funding: $2,000

Winter 2017

"A Behavioral Remedy for the Censorship Bias"
PI: Jordan Tong, Operations and Information Management
Funding: $2,500

"An Experimental Test of Gender Difference in Charitable Giving"
PIs: Jordan van Rijn*, Brad Barham, and Esteban Quinones, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $2,500

"Evaluating the efficacy of an online psycho-education intervention in reducing loneliness and promoting belonging in college students"
PIs: David Smallen* and Linda Roberts, Human Development & Family Studies
Funding: $2,000

"Migration Optimality: Experimental Results using Multi-armed Bandit Algorithms"
PIs: Zack Barnett-Howell*, Dan Phaneuf and Jon Pevehouse, Agricultural and Applied Economics; Political Science
Funding: $2,000

Fall 2016 

"How Product Placement Affects Commercial Viewership: An Eye Tracking Study"
PIs: Robin Tanner and Rusty Stough*, Marketing
Funding: $2,500

2015-2016 Funded Projects

Spring/Summer 2016

"Confidence in Complex Cost Systems amidst Competition"
PIs: Tyler Thomas, Ella Mae Matsumura & Dimitri Yatsenko*, Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $1,500

"Climate change vs Global warming"
PIs: Kaja Rebane* & Brad Barham (sponsor), Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $2,200 (continuation of prior award)

Fall 2015/Winter 2016:
"Anonymity vs. Accountability in the Third Party Reviews"
PI: Kevin Chung, Marketing
Funding: $2,100

"Compensation Discretion as Insurance: How do Managers Respond to Having a Back-up Plan?"
PIs: Rachel Martin* & Tyler Thomas (sponsor), Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $2,000

"Climate change vs Global warming"
PIs: Kaja Rebane* & Brad Barham (sponsor), Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $1,200

"Testing the existence of four types of consumers in local food systems"
PIs: Yuji Saikai*, Agricultural and Applied Economics; Lydia Zepeda (co-sponsor), Consumer Science; Steven Deller (co-sponsor), Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $1,000

"Simplifying Health Insurance Plan Choice"
PI: Justin Sydnor, Actuarial Science, Risk Management & Insurance; Anya Samek, USC
Funding: $5,000

"Discretionary Bonus Pool Distributions when Agents Face Unequal Performance Risk"
PI: Tyler Thomas, Accounting and Information Systems; & Michael Majerczyk, Georgia State
Funding: $2,400

2014-2015 Funded Projects

Spring 2015:
"Fairness and Risk in Supply Chains"
PIs: Jordan Tong, Operations and Information Management & Paola Mallucci, Marketing 
Funding: $3,000

"Strategic Consumer Response to Dynamic Pricing in Deregulated Retail Electricity Market"
PIs: Sheldon (Xiaodong) Du, Agricultural and Applied Economics & Nancy Wong, Consumer Science
Funding: $2,600 

Winter 2015:
"The Social Welfare Implications of Cause Marketing"
PIs: Paola Mallucci & Neeraj Arora, Marketing
Funding: $3,250

"An Experimental Approach to Comparing Similarity- and Guilt-Based Charitable Appeals"
PI: Jordan van Rijn* & Brad Barham (sponsor), Agricultural and Applied Economics 
Funding: $5,000

Fall 2014:
"Private Provision of Club Goods: An Experimental Comparison"
PI: Brent Hueth, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $4,416

2013-2014 Funded Projects

Spring 2014:
"Me vs. We: the Effect of Incomplete Peer Feedback on Effort Allocation between Individual and Team Output"
PI: Tyler Thomas, Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $3,000

"The gender gap in competitiveness: How can social information help?"
PI: Anya Samek, Consumer Science
Funding: $5,760

"The impact of executive compensation disclosures and discretion on outsider perceptions and investing decisions"
PI: Rachel Martin* & Ella Mae Matsumura (sponsor), Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $2,600

Fall 2013:
"The Role of Expectations and Information on Reference Points"
PI: Nilton Porto* & Anya Samek (sponsor), Consumer Science
Funding: $1,680

"Peer Evaluation Regimes and Effort Provision"
PI: Keehyung Kim*, Operations and Information Management & Noah Lim (sponsor), Marketing
Funding: $4,200 (updated amount as of 5/2015)

"The effect of information on demand for Small Stake Insurance"
PI: Marc Ragin* & Justin Sydnor (sponsor), Actuarial Science, Risk Management & Insurance
Funding: $3,000

"Ego Depletion: Public Accounting's Catch-22?"
PI: Patrick Hurley* & Brian Mayhew (sponsor), Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $2,500

"The Effect of False Accusation in Automated Adjustment Notices on Procedural Fairness Perceptions of the IRS"
PI: Cass Hausermann* & Brian Mayhew (sponsor), Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $2,000

*indicates graduate student (at time of award) with faculty sponsor as PI