Lab Director

Assistant Lab Director

Assistant Professor
(Consumer Science)

Lab Manager
PhD candidate (Cons. Science)

Assistant Lab Manager
PhD student (Cons. Science)

Faculty Advisory Board

Assistant Professor (Marketing)

Assistant Professor (OIM)

Research Interns

Carlos Ramirez
Undergraduate Student,
Intern Spring-Summer 2017; 
Spring 2018-present

Kevin Nizza
Undergraduate Student,
Intern Spring 2018-present

Research Interns
Intern Summer 2016-Spring 2017
Fall 2016 Lab Assistant

             Madeleine Jones
        Undergraduate Student,
            Intern Spring 2016

Tayler Nowak
Undergraduate Student, 
Intern Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Molly Levine
Undergraduate Student, 
Intern Fall 2014 - Spring 2016

Tessa Strack
Undergraduate Student,
Intern Spring 2015
Research Affiliates

Associate Professor (Research)
Center for Economic and 
Social Research

Assistant Professor of Economics

Assistant Professor of Operations Strategy & Management Science
Korea Advanced Institute of 
Science & Technology

Yinghao Zhang
Assistant Professor
Carl H. Lindner College of Business
Department of Operations, Business Analytics & Info Systems (OBAIS)

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Junhong Liang
Honorary Associate/Fellow
Winter 2017-Summer 2017 
(Consumer Science)