Selected Publications/Working Papers

Kowaleski, Zach, Brian W. Mayhew, and Amy C. Tegeler. "The Impact of Consulting Services on Audit Quality: An Experimental Approach." Journal of Accounting Research, (2018) Forthcoming.

Carroll, Kathryn A., Anya Samek, and Lydia Zepeda. "Food bundling as a health nudge: Investigating consumer fruit and vegetable selection using Behavioral Economics.Appetite, 121 (2018): 237-248.

Barnett-Howell, Zachary. (2017 working paper). "Should I Stay or Should I Go: Microeconomic determinants of migration." Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics and Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Auerbach, Shane and Rebekah Dix. (2017 working paper). "Competition and spatial efficiency." Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Carroll, Kathryn A. and Anya Samek. "Field Experiments on Food Choice in Grocery Stores: A ‘How-to’ Guide.” Forthcoming in Food Policy.

Yoon, Sunyee and Nancy Wong (2017 working paper). "When You Wish Upon a Star: Understanding Individual Differences in Perceived Economic Mobility." Marketing Department, University at Buffalo.

Warmath, Dee. (2017 working paper). "Barking Up the Wrong Tree: Revealing the Limitations of Financial Education through a Randomized Controlled Trial." Department of Consumer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Warmath, Dee. (2017 working paper). "The Two Faces of Materialism: Reconciling the Light and Dark Sides of Consumption." Department of Consumer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Hueth, Brent and Ziqi Qiao. (2017 working paper). "Private Provision of Club Goods: An Experimental Comparison." Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Tong, Jordan, Daniel Feiler, and Anastasia Ivantsova. (2017) Good choice, bad judgment: How choice under uncertainty generates overoptimism. Forthcoming in Psychological Science.

van Rijn, Jordan, Bradford Barham, and Reka Sundaram-Stukel. "An experimental approach to comparing similarity-and guilt-based charitable appeals.Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 68 (2017): 25-40.

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Tong, Jordan, Daniel Feiler, and Richard Larrick. (2016 working paper). A behavioral remedy for the censorship bias. Tuck School of Business Working Paper No. 2729614. 

McCarter, Matthew W., Anya Samek, and Roman M. Sheremeta. "Divided loyalists or conditional cooperators? Creating consensus about cooperation in multiple simultaneous social dilemmas." Group & Organization Management 39, no. 6 (2014): 744-771.

Past BRITE Grant Recipients

2017-2018 BRITE Lab Grant Program RFP now available
Winter deadline extended to Friday, January 26th, 2018

2016-2017 Funded Projects

Spring 2017

"Democratic Deliberation and Imaginative Resistance"
PIs: Jon Pevehouse, Katie Robiadek*, Zach Barnett-Howell*, Political Science; Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $2,500

"Zero Conjectural Variance in Spatial Competition"
PIs: Dan Quint, Shane Auerbach*, Rebekah Dix*, Economics
Funding: $2,000

Winter 2017

"A Behavioral Remedy for the Censorship Bias"
PI: Jordan Tong, Operations and Information Management
Funding: $2,500

"An Experimental Test of Gender Difference in Charitable Giving"
PIs: Jordan van Rijn*, Brad Barham, and Esteban Quinones, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $2,500

"Evaluating the efficacy of an online psycho-education intervention in reducing loneliness and promoting belonging in college students"
PIs: David Smallen* and Linda Roberts, Human Development & Family Studies
Funding: $2,000

"Migration Optimality: Experimental Results using Multi-armed Bandit Algorithms"
PIs: Zack Barnett-Howell*, Dan Phaneuf and Jon Pevehouse, Agricultural and Applied Economics; Political Science
Funding: $2,000

Fall 2016 

"How Product Placement Affects Commercial Viewership: An Eye Tracking Study"
PIs: Robin Tanner and Rusty Stough*, Marketing
Funding: $2,500

2015-2016 Funded Projects

Spring/Summer 2016

"Confidence in Complex Cost Systems amidst Competition"
PIs: Tyler Thomas, Ella Mae Matsumura & Dimitri Yatsenko*, Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $1,500

"Climate change vs Global warming"
PIs: Kaja Rebane* & Brad Barham (sponsor), Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $2,200 (continuation of prior award)

Fall 2015/Winter 2016:
"Anonymity vs. Accountability in the Third Party Reviews"
PI: Kevin Chung, Marketing
Funding: $2,100

"Compensation Discretion as Insurance: How do Managers Respond to Having a Back-up Plan?"
PIs: Rachel Martin* & Tyler Thomas (sponsor), Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $2,000

"Climate change vs Global warming"
PIs: Kaja Rebane* & Brad Barham (sponsor), Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $1,200

"Testing the existence of four types of consumers in local food systems"
PIs: Yuji Saikai*, Agricultural and Applied Economics; Lydia Zepeda (co-sponsor), Consumer Science; Steven Deller (co-sponsor), Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $1,000

"Simplifying Health Insurance Plan Choice"
PI: Justin Sydnor, Actuarial Science, Risk Management & Insurance; Anya Samek, USC
Funding: $5,000

"Discretionary Bonus Pool Distributions when Agents Face Unequal Performance Risk"
PI: Tyler Thomas, Accounting and Information Systems; & Michael Majerczyk, Georgia State
Funding: $2,400

2014-2015 Funded Projects

Spring 2015:
"Fairness and Risk in Supply Chains"
PIs: Jordan Tong, Operations and Information Management & Paola Mallucci, Marketing 
Funding: $3,000

"Strategic Consumer Response to Dynamic Pricing in Deregulated Retail Electricity Market"
PIs: Sheldon (Xiaodong) Du, Agricultural and Applied Economics & Nancy Wong, Consumer Science
Funding: $2,600 

Winter 2015:
"The Social Welfare Implications of Cause Marketing"
PIs: Paola Mallucci & Neeraj Arora, Marketing
Funding: $3,250

"An Experimental Approach to Comparing Similarity- and Guilt-Based Charitable Appeals"
PI: Jordan van Rijn* & Brad Barham (sponsor), Agricultural and Applied Economics 
Funding: $5,000

Fall 2014:
"Private Provision of Club Goods: An Experimental Comparison"
PI: Brent Hueth, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Funding: $4,416

2013-2014 Funded Projects

Spring 2014:
"Me vs. We: the Effect of Incomplete Peer Feedback on Effort Allocation between Individual and Team Output"
PI: Tyler Thomas, Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $3,000

"The gender gap in competitiveness: How can social information help?"
PI: Anya Samek, Consumer Science
Funding: $5,760

"The impact of executive compensation disclosures and discretion on outsider perceptions and investing decisions"
PI: Rachel Martin* & Ella Mae Matsumura (sponsor), Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $2,600

Fall 2013:
"The Role of Expectations and Information on Reference Points"
PI: Nilton Porto* & Anya Samek (sponsor), Consumer Science
Funding: $1,680

"Peer Evaluation Regimes and Effort Provision"
PI: Keehyung Kim*, Operations and Information Management & Noah Lim (sponsor), Marketing
Funding: $4,200 (updated amount as of 5/2015)

"The effect of information on demand for Small Stake Insurance"
PI: Marc Ragin* & Justin Sydnor (sponsor), Actuarial Science, Risk Management & Insurance
Funding: $3,000

"Ego Depletion: Public Accounting's Catch-22?"
PI: Patrick Hurley* & Brian Mayhew (sponsor), Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $2,500

"The Effect of False Accusation in Automated Adjustment Notices on Procedural Fairness Perceptions of the IRS"
PI: Cass Hausermann* & Brian Mayhew (sponsor), Accounting and Information Systems
Funding: $2,000

*indicates graduate student (at time of award) with faculty sponsor as PI