How to Participate in BRTIE Studies?

The BRITE Lab is always looking for current students to join our subject pool list and participate in paid studies!

Overview: If you are a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison you have a chance to participate in laboratory and online experiments which are both fun and rewarding. Experiments are designed by researchers to study behavior in a wide range of social and business situations. Most of the experiments involve multiple student participants, so they provide a chance for you to match your wits with others. Money is paid at the end of each session, and your decisions may affect its amount.

How long does it take? Each individual experiment generally lasts between 1/2 to 2 hours. After you register, researchers will invite you (via email) to participate in their experiments. You may also log in to the SONA System to see if any new studies have been entered. Please note that being invited to participate experiments is not guaranteed, and is dependent upon what experiments are currently being conducted.

What are the topics of each study? Details about each experiment cannot be given until the start of that particular session, since it may affect the outcome. All participation is voluntary and risks are minimal. The experiments and methodologies use have been approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

How do I sign up? You can register your interest in being a participant by clicking on this link: PARTICIPATE and registering for a new account . You must use your Wisconsin e-mail address (e.g., <YourNetIDHere> when registering for a new account.

Any personal information which you give to us will be kept for research purposes only. Every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality.

SONA Systems Website: Once you click the link to PARTICIPATE, you will be redirected to our SONA Systems page. When you reach that page, simply click on the brown “Request Account” button on the bottom right side of the screen and follow the system prompts.