News in the Lab

  • Transition to the School of Business

    The Lab is transitioning its location to the School of Business by late spring 2024. More information will follow.

  • BRITE Lab Updates Spring 2024

    Rolling application for BRITE Lab small grants continues this year. Full RFP for BRITE Lab small grants for the 2024-2025 is here. Interested in Running Online Survey Studies with the BRITE Subject Pool? If you …

  • More News

Established in 2012, the overarching goal of Behavioral Research Insights Through Experiments (BRITE) Lab is to encourage collaborative and cross-disciplinary research using experiments. Experiments conducted through the BRITE Lab involve monetary compensation and often have incentivized decisions or effort as part of the tasks. The BRITE Lab is both a hub for researchers interested in behavioral and experimental social-science research and a physical computer lab for conducting experimental studies.

The Lab maintains a pool of subjects who are interested in participating in studies, comprised primarily of undergraduate students at UW Madison. The subject pool can be used for both in-person and online studies. The BRITE Lab also has a graduate-student lab manager to help with scheduling of lab sessions, accessing the subject pool, and other issues surrounding running experiments through the BRITE Lab. The BRITE Lab maintains a state-of-the-art facility with networked computers for laboratory data collection for business, consumer science, and other social sciences. The lab is located in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business Grainger Hall Business Learning Commons on the first floor.